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Yes, it is. Orchesty has no limitations in terms of commercial deployment. The restrictions in the license only apply to distribution of Orchesty as a service.

You can order individual support for any installation, or consultations and courses for the team that manages your Orchesty.

You can, just as you can use any two different SDKs on the same project in parallel.

Orchesty store is a library that can be used within a standalone worker, or implemented in any custom worker. All applications and connectors can be extended or modified.

The apps in the Orchesty store do not include comprehensive sets of connectors for their APIs. However, having at least one sample connector provides a very quick way to prepare custom connectors directly for your needs.


Yes, with Applinth you can use all the capabilities of Orchesty and run any process in parallel with integrations for your marketplace. With the self-hosted version, you can create any processes yourself. In case of using Applinth as a service, our team or a partner team will prepare the automation for you on demand.

Yes you can, we will deploy Applinth on your servers and provide support for your team upon request.

It's not. Preparing new applications and connectors with Orchesty and Applinth is very easy. The key when creating modules for your marketplace are the processes that transfer and transform data. The connectors themselves don't affect the cost of a new module significantly.

In the basic configuration you can customize the main color and the marketplace logo. However, a much more complex redesign can be prepared upon agreement. You can also use the marketplace API and create your own marketplace directly inside your application.

It's just a matter of configuration whether the created module will appear in the marketplace. It is possible to create non-public modules in addition to public modules.

It is also possible to create customized components and processes directly in a public module. Applinth then recognizes the user and executes the code assigned to them.

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