For Multitenant Environment

An integration service that manages each user's data independently. Ideal for SaaS integrations.

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Offer your users the integrations they need. Accelerate your sales cycle to the max! Connecting to a new customer's system will be intuitive and fast, without the need for external tools and vendors.

Integration modules

Applinth allows you to create extension modules for software products with arbitrary integration scenarios.

Each module represents an integration with a system and the possibility to configure it. It can serve any number of users, providing the fastest way to use your service.


Modules can be placed in a marketplace that extends the user interface of your service. It will give each user the ability to monitor their own data flows, edit settings, or install and remove their own modules.

Alternatively, you can use the Applinth API and create the marketplace directly in the host application.

Reports and billing to end users

Applinth provides clear information about the usage of modules by end users. It sends events about module installation and uninstallation by end users to a configurable URL. This gives you a detailed history and data for billing integrations to end users. The data is available in the Applinth console or through the API.

Applinth delivery

Applinth is an extension of Orchesty. The orchestration and integration layer can be used in its full extent with Applinth, with added features for multitenant environments.

Connecting to a host service

Applinth minimizes the necessary intervention in the host service, even though it becomes part of it. All that is needed is a button linking to the new marketplace. If the host service has its own interface, everything else is handled on the Applinth side.

Module preparation

Applinth uses the same connectors and applications as Orchesty. It is therefore also possible to use the Orchesty Store and its ready-made elements. This makes creating a module very fast and efficient.

ERP integration

ERP systems are specific because they are typically customised to their users and their interface is often not unified.

Applinth provides orchestration elements that allow user definitions of actions where configuration is not suitable. This makes the preparation of user actions very efficient.

Applint as a Service

You can also have Applinth as a service. In this case, we will take care of everything from implementing the marketplace, development of the required modules to managing and hosting the solution in the cloud environment. This takes the pressure off your developers and admins. Applinth as a service provides an availability guarantee, your integrations are managed as efficiently as possible.

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