How Orchesty works

We use Docker. Installing Orchesty is easy. Download the repository from GitHub and start it with the command make init-dev.

Download and install

Choose SDK

SDKs ensure communication between applications and the orchestration layer. They also provide a framework for building custom applications and connectors.

Working with Orchesty

The concept consists of an orchestration layer that communicates with the integrated services directly or through an integration service. We create both the direct communication and the integration service using SDK packages.

Direct integration

When integrating your own microservices, the best solution is to install the SDK package directly within them. This way we achieve the most optimal communication between services.

Creating an integration service

In case the SDK cannot be installed, we create an integration service using the SDK. There, we use the connectors available in the Orchesty Store or create our own.

Both techniques can be combined as needed

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Register services in Orchesty

Register in Orchesty those services that use the SDK or for which you have created a custom communication interface. This will make them available in the process editor and Orchesty will be able to communicate with them.

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Build processes

Now you can create your own processes in the process editor. All events prepared in registered services are available directly in the editor. Once created, just publish and run the process.

Enjoy your new integration tool!

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With Orchesty, you get a new tool for your portfolio. Learn all about installing and managing projects with Orchesty.

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A complete overview of Orchesty's features for building integrations and orchestration layers.

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With our tutorials you will go step by step through the creation of processes, custom applications and connectors.

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